Euregional Archaeological Conference, WHAT’S NEW ABOUT THE LBK?

Friday 7 November 2014

09:00-09:30 Coffee/ tea reception and registration
09:30-09:45 opening ceremony drs. Rob Paulussen, chairman Archeologische Vereniging Limburg (AVL)

09:45-12.30 Session 1: Ideology and Social structure in the LBK sessionleaders: dr. Piet van de Velde & drs Lita Wiggers

  • prof. dr. Andreas Zimmermann – Ideology and Social Structure in Bandkeramik times (Keynote lecture)
  • dr. Kristin Heller – Shedding light on LBK gender relation and social structure through European burial sites
  • dr. Erich Claßen – Settlement history, land use and social networks of early Neolithic communities in western Germany
  • Frank Hartel MA – LBK burial grounds as a source of religious history
  • prof.dr. Laurence Burnez-Lanotte & dr. Louise Gomart – Ceramic production, forming techniques and identity of potters: a technological approach to Limburg Pottery at Rosmeer (Limburg, Belgium)
  • dr. Nico Fröhlich – LBK households and their succession: Tradition, rules – individuality?

12:30-12:45 Book presentation ‘Forgotten Bandkeramic’ by drs. Ivo van Wijk

12:45-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:45 Session 2: The Bandkeramik Cultural Landscape sessionleaders: dr. Erich Claßen & drs. Yannick Raczynski-Henk

  • prof. dr. Corrie Bakels – Three Linearbandkeramik settlements and their environment: a paleoecological study of Sittard, Stein and Elsloo, 36 years later (Keynote lecture)
  • ir. Jean Pierre de Warrimont – Linearbandkeramik in the Meuse valley and Dutch-Belgian border region south of the river Geul
  • prof. dr. Renate Gerlach, dr. Jutta Meurers-Balke& dr. Eileen Eckmeier – What do we know about the status of soil before and during Neolithic? Pedoarchaeological, archaeobotanical and geochemical evidences.
  • dr. Johanna Hilpert – The RhineLUCIFS-Project: Simulating and aggregating patterns of land use in sedentary societies
  • dr. Aurélie Salavert – Interactions between man and woodland during the Linearbandkeramik period in Central Belgium.
  • dr. Thomas Frank & dr. Gerd Helle – Title to be announced
  • dr. Tanja Zerl, dr. Jutta Meurers-Balke & dr. Joop Kalis – The archaeobotany of the Bandceramic well of Kückhoven (Rhineland)

16:45-17:00 Day closing prof. dr. Jens Lüning

17:15-18:30 After Conference Drinks at Museum Het Domein (free admission exposition“Limburgs Atlantis, a different story about the first farmers”

Saturday, 8 November 2014

09:00-09:30 Coffee/ tea reception and registration
09:30-09:40 opening ceremony drs. Rob Paulussen, chairman Archeologische Vereniging Limburg (AVL)

9:40-12.45 Session 3: Bandkeramic Technology
sessionleaders: dr. Mike Ilett & drs. Ivo van Wijk

  • dr. Caroline Hamon -The view from the stones: crafts and subsistence economy in the Linearbandkeramik technical system (Keynote lecture)
  • dr. Louise Gomart -Technical know-how during the early Neolithic in north-eastern France and in Belgium (5300-4900 BC) an anthropological approach to pottery productions of LBK communities
  • dr. Dominique Bosquet -Title to be announced
  • ir. Wim Hendrix – A Hoard Find of Bandceramic Adze Blades at Stein
  • dr. Marjorie de Grooth -Flint working in the Limburg LBK – a reassessment
  • prof. dr. Annelou van Gijn – Domestic activities at the Linear Pottery site of Elsloo : a look from under the microscope
  • dr. Pierre Allard & prof. dr. Laurence Burnez-Lanotte – The specialised production of flint blades in the Belgium early neolithic

12:45-14:15 Lunch

14:15-16:45 Session 4: The Bandkeramic Neighbours sessionleaders: prof. dr. Detlef Gronenborn & dr. Luc Amkreutz

  • prof. dr. Leendert Louwe Kooijmans – Alien encounters in the Euregion? (Keynote lecture)
  • dr. Hans Christoph Strien – Limburg, La Hoguette and all the others: neolithic impact before the LBK
  • dr. Martin Heinen – Comments on the End of the Mesolithic in the Rhine-Meuse-Schelde-Area
  • dr. Leo Verhart – Beyond the border: LBK north of the loess
  • Lic. Erwin Meylemans – ‘Bazel Sluis’ in the early 5th millennium cal BC: new data on forager- farmer contacts in the Lower Scheldt valley (Flanders, Belgium).

16:45-17:05 Day closing prof. dr. Detlef Gronenborn

17:05-17:20 Closing of the Conference drs. Rob Paulussen, chairman Archeologische Vereniging Limburg (AVL)

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